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Who is this community for?

The Free the Food community is for everyone - because we all eat to live!

Free the Food is an inclusive community of changemakers and activators guided by five key pillars: regenerative systems, feminine archetypal leadership, indigenous wisdom, innovative business models and mindful application of technology.

Our goal is to achieve a just, ethical, nourishing, and regenerative food system. We aim to collaborate on initiatives to engage and educate stakeholders to create transformational outcomes, especially for marginalized women around the world.

Why women?

"Historically, women have always been at the forefront of food production, using indigenous knowledge to grow and produce food based on systems of care, sustainability, diversity, and the cultivation of locally-adapted seed.

Since the industrial revolution, patriarchal systems of science, technology, and economics have subverted women’s connection with food and the land. 

Industrialized food systems oppress both our mothers and Mother Earth. It is time to reclaim and honor women agriculturalists’ Indigenous knowledge and to acknowledge their contribution to ecological food production."

 --- Vandana Shiva, Environmental Activist, Food Sovereignty Advocate, Anti-globalization Author

What can you expect from this community?

  • Meaningful connections with fellow regenerative food system advocates around the world

  • Entrepreneurial support and shared resources for existing projects and new initiatives in the space

  • Cutting edge, historical, and expertly curated content to grow your understanding and ability for action

  • Online and in-person events focused on both business and agricultural education and community

  • Ecosystem development and partnership opportunities

  • Transformational coaching for self-actualizing women for business success

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